There is some truth to these Gemini traits. While they are fast communicators, and have some of the most intelligent viewpoints, this can at times be outweighed by their negative personality traits.

Here are the 5 personality traits of Gemini that can be off-putting to others.

Cancer Traits

Geminis are the pros of verbal irony and sarcasm. Even in the most serious of situations, their wit and dry humor will be the first response from this sign. They may offer it, but not after first speaking in a way that makes you feel irritated or annoyed.

Geminis, like other air signs, hate to be tied down. As a result, they rarely seek commitment and would rather be single or alone to explore what life has to offer. With their carefree personality comes a penchant for impulsivity. Ironically, this will also cause them to attempt to solve the problem in an impulsive way as well. Like the other air signs, Geminis are attracted to beauty, intelligence, and charm.

The Negative Side To Your Zodiac Sign - GEMINI

Geminis assess what is beautiful or charming on the surface and pursue those things under their quest for freedom. This can often lead to casual hook-ups and acquaintances, which is often their preference. Many Geminis have issues with anxiety. Due to their impulsive nature, they can find themselves in stressful situations that are difficult to handle. Even though Geminis have some negative personality traits, their positive attributes outweigh the negatives.

Geminis may have their negative traits, but like all zodiac signs, they are also really good people. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: getty. Briana Johnson. Zodiac December 13, Geminis can be dark at times.ArielB Leave a comment.

You are a Gemini if you were born between May 22nd through June 21st. The zodiac sign for Gemini is regularly symbolized as the twinsand sometimes the Gemini woman might seem to be two different people as well. The Gemini female personality is more prone to emotional changes than any other woman in any other zodiac sign.

Being a Gemini woman is not all that bad. After all, Gemini women are usually highly intelligent. Gemini women crave knowledge. The Gemini woman traits show they are constantly wanting to learn more and to be able to understand things better. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. She is likely to travel so that she can learn about other cultures and environments firsthand, learn to play a musical instrumentor learn a new language. Learning and accumulating knowledge is an exciting Gemini woman personality trait.

She will likely be in a better mood once she learns something interesting, and she is likely to share her findings with her friends. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Her emotions will become confusing about the time that she becomes a teenager, as this is usually when the most social pressure is applied for the first time.

Gemini Woman: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Gemini Female

The Gemini woman characteristics show she will want to be able to fit in, but she will not be sure how she is supposed to. This will cause her to become confused. She may either make some friends with people who seem to have themselves put together so that she can learn something from them. Or she will spend her time alone, as to not bother others with her uncontrollable emotions.

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While the Gemini woman has some trouble controlling her emotions she is not one tolash out. It is more common for a Gemini woman to fall into a depression or to become overwhelmed with anxiety than it is for her to scream and hit someone. The Gemini woman traits show she will want to try to keep her emotions to herself, but it is often easy to tell when she is not feeling well. It is not very hard to pick a Gemini woman out of the crowd.

She needs help from friends and family to improve her moodbut she is not likely to ask for help. The Gemini woman personality traits show she has a hard time making commitments to anything, jobs and romantic partners. She is worried that her emotions will get in the way, or that she is not able to complete the task at hand. It is not likely that a Gemini woman will want to be in charge of a large project.

She would rather do simple tasks given to her by her superiors. If she cannot do what is asked of her then it is more likely that she will be more upset with herself than he superior would be. What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! It is likely that the Gemini woman personality will enter a group intending to only be in it for a short while, so that she will not be committed.

But if she especially likes the activity or group then she will likely stay in it for years to come.

gemini negative traits

If she was feeling bad then it is likely that she will not like the activity regardless of if the activity caused the feeling or not. Test Now!!!ArielB 4 Comments. You are a Gemini if you were born on any day between May 21st and June 20th. The zodiac traits that stand out the most about the Gemini man personality is his intelligence and communication skills.

Few men have such a way with words as the Gemini man. The Gemini man characteristics show he takes great pride in his intelligence. In his younger years he was likely highly attentive in school. In his older years the Gemini man is likely to pay attention to detail and know facts that many other people do not know, or have even thought about before. It could be said that the Gemini man is the brightest in his circle of friends. A Gemini guy will do his best to balance out his life.

He will likely put his emotions to the side as he focuses on matters that seem more pressing like his schooling or his job.

His friends and family will likely not know about his emotional problems, as he will not want to talk about it. He will see it as a sort of weakness although his friends and family are likely not to see it that way if they do find out about it. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. A Gemini male will be great at all sorts of things instead of focusing his talents on only one subject. The Gemini traits show he is likely to focus on intellectual sports rather than physical ones.

He may learn a foreign language or two, become a chess expert, or just be well read. It is likely that he will be all of these things, as well as a few other hobbies as well. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Although a Gemini may seem busy will all of his hobbies and conflicting emotions, he still can manage to make time for his friends. The Gemini man loves to be around other people; he is a social being. The Gemini man personality traits show he realizes that he can learn from others, have a good time, and be distracted from some of his more saddening or stressful emotions all at the same time.

Although the Gemini man is has a great mind, he often has trouble controlling where his mind wonders.

gemini negative traits

This can lead the Gemini man to over think in many situations and this could cause him to become easily stressed out and anxious. What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! It is not uncommon for a Gemini man personality to be bipolar or to have anxiety or depression problems.

Top 10 Positive Gemini Traits

The star sign of Gemini, the twins, present a kind of dual nature that will affect the Gemini man throughout his life. This will lead to emotional problems. More often than it will affect his financial, educational, or social life.

Test Now!!! Because a Gemini man wants to learn so many things, it is not very likely that he will stick to one project for very long.

He is more likely to start many projectsbut only finish a few. The Gemini man characteristics show he cares more about learning as many various things as he can, rather than learning about one thing in extreme detail. This may seem to make the Gemini men look unfocused, when really he is trying to be focused on many things at once. The Gemini man traits show he is extremely charming and good at communicating in social situations, and this is also how he attracts his partner.

He can be flirtatious at first, and then once he has his partner, go on many exciting dates that could even seem like an adventure in themselves.

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Seeing the things before they happen can really make you take intel Venus in Capricorn: In this article, know about the Venus transit in Capricorn and its effects on the 12 moon signs. Know how will this planetary tran Mars in Libra: In this article, know about the Mars transit in Libra and its effects on the 12 moon signs. Check out what is for you in this planetary Mercury In Scorpio: In this article, know about the developments as Mercury enters Scorpio and Mercury transit effects on the 12 moon signs You are likely to be concerned about your finances With consistent effort and a rock-solid determinat For singles, this is a tough time, as they might f From March 23 onwards for the natives of Gemini, S Devendra Jhajharia's story is that of a typical small town guy making it big on the big international stage.

His achievement of winning two Paralympic gold medals stands alongside any other sports achievement, in any discipline, in the country. Write Your Question Career :.Gemini woman takes the third place in the zodiac world. She is a commendable, enthusiastic and clever woman. Ruled by Mercury, she is responsible for all that happens in her life. She is a twin in one soul. So you should expect her to behave in two different ways. Before getting used to her, expect some contradictions here and there.

Gemini female facts : Gemini woman personality comes with intense energy and a focused mind. But at the same time, she loves a calm surrounding.

Although she tends to change her decisions and opinion in seconds, she is an awesome friend. Her unique traits allow her to possess an envied intelligence and cleverness.

gemini negative traits

She is lifelike chatterer in everything she comes across with. Above all, Gemini woman is a charming and well-preserved lady who hates to have a boring kind of life. Above everything else, Gemini women love to control their talkative nature. It means that she will pause as she continues to reflect what she means.

gemini negative traits

Her motive is for you to hear her without straining. She will never stop to yearn for tenderness. She is always into a youthful look from her teenage years. She loves sleep which she believes that it makes her young.

Besides, she knows how to do the Yoga exercise which calms her soul. She is the type of woman who will catch a cloud for you no matter the situation. Her views are extremely original and out of this world. Follow along.

But also it is not hard to possess an evil like spirit.JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Surprising Positive and Negative Traits about the Signs.

Show more notes. Some Aries negativity: Dominance and competition Some Taurus negativity: Physically or materialistically demanding and possessiveness Some Gemini negativity: Using words as weapons or abuse and judging others intellect Some Cancer negativity: Displaying strength or toughness to harm or impress not to protect and jealousy Some Leo negativity: Arrogance and pride Some Virgo negativity: Elitism behavior and quick judgment, especially of others morals or lifestyle Some Libra negativity: Dishonesty and shallowness Some Scorpio negativity: Manipulation and showing displays of power Some Sagittarius negativity: Haughtiness and self-righteousness Some Capricorn negativity: Lack of emotional expression and valuing and ruthless behavior that is disguised as ambition or toughness Some Aquarius negativity: Promoting superiority of the mind over emotions and unreliability Some Pisces negativity: Manipulation and pushing blame or guilt onto others.

Aries: hot headed, irrational, impulsive, easily angered, self involved. Taurus: lazy, unbothered, passive aggressive, stubborn, materialistic. Cancer: passive, emotional, mood swings, flaky, self pitying. Gemini: obnoxious, arrogant, loud, rude, blunt. Leo: loud, conceited, self obsessed, head strong, materialistic. Virgo: overly critical, passive aggressive, stubborn, obsessive, cold. Libra: indecisive, superficial, moody, impatient, aggressive. Scorpio: moody, manipulative, closed off, emotional, possessive.

Sagittarius: impulsive, reckless, blunt, impatient, insensitive. Capricorn: controlling, judgmental, bossy, conceited, petty.

Aquarius: stubborn, detached, unreliable, manipulative, passive aggressive. Pisces: aloof, over sensitive, impatient, lazy, escapist. Aries Taurus Gemini cancer Virgo libra Leo Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces zodiac sun signs zodiac tumblr astrology astrology mikasastrology zodiac signs at their worst negative traits.Sylvia Sky is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

Negative Geminis are good-looking icons of sick or sleazy behavior, blurting out statements that would embarrass any other sign.

When disaster strikes, they can spin it so that the worse they are, the better they seem. Visit hookers? Divorce your wife who has cancer? Why not? Positive Geminis are adaptable and hilariously witty.

Negative Gemini, anxious to escape the life they have made, fixates on short-term solutions: the next deal, the next marriage, the next job or fix or wisecrack.

Walking alongside a negative Gemini you can feel how invisible you are to him or her. Gemini males openly pursue that dream. The females, like Angelina Jolie birthday, June 4evangelist Joyce Meyer June 4or Laura Ingraham June 19 might hide their ambition under saintly or churchly behavior and, when they're rich, say everybody else is just jealous. Negative Gems are their own mirrors and are simply twice as conceited. I want to shift the entire planet.

I am now a famous person. I represent real power. The many great Gemini athletes, such as tennis players Novak Djokovic May 22 and Venus Williams June 17draw from their Sun sign extra physical energy and competitive spirit. But a Gemini sitting alone mulling on fixed ideas about UFOs or raspberry ketones or Jodie Foster can be a menace to society. Money and fame naturally flow their way and they can monetize the jerkiest ideas and behavior.

A study of English millionaires showed that the highest percentage were Geminis. Take it as a blessing when a Gemini loved one runs off or backs away. You don't want the amoral ones with short attention spans. Superficial in bed, negative Geminis are excited mainly by illegal or illicit sex.

Kennedy May 29and South Carolina governor Mark Sanders May 28who vanished from his job and home for five days to fly to Argentina for sex. The dating site Ashley Madison, with 17 million users, found that the biggest cheaters were Gemini women.

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Often they got warped growing up.