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Previous Next. Digital Divide and Conquer 20, Followers. Grade Levels. ProjectsActivitiesPrintables. Add one to cart. Buy licenses to share. Add to Wish List. Share this resource. Report this resource to TpT. Description Taking a vacation is no easy task. It might seems like it for kids and students that follow along, but it's not the case for adults. So why don't we put that planning and organization into the hands of our students.

Vacations are fantastic but they take work. This year ask your students to take a larger role and plan a vacation. Plan A Vacation asks students to plan a vacation starting with the the destination and travel to the food and lodging.

pbl plan a vacation

By the end of this PBL students will have completely planned out a unique vacation that will included finding prices for food, travel, lodging, and any activities. Students will need to have access to a variety of resources to complete this PBL.

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Students will need to be able to find current information regarding travel prices gas, lodging, activities, amusement parks, etc. There are 18 activities most are 1 page each for students to complete.

How to Plan Project-Based Learning

Each page involves an issue or topic they must solve, design, create, or research. As students work through each page, they will make their own decisions and choose the outcomes based on information they learn. If students are stopping along the way, they can include facts they learned along the way.

It leads to the next four pages that are all on travel, board, gas, and food costs. They will need access to the internet to find costs, along with current gas prices. They may need to use the internet to find this, along with finding hotels in the area they are staying. These could be the same cost each day or change depending on what they are doing. They will need to be able to access the internet to find locations that are close to where they are staying. This is for Tuesday through Friday.

They will want to include lodging and food locations to make this look as close to real-life as possible. This map should be a true representation so students may need access to the internet to look at maps of where they are staying. All pages can be geared towards multiple grade levels, although for some younger students the teacher may need to give more explicit instructions.

Students may choose to use multiple resources to complete each page.Dream Vacation Imagined Scenario. You have been given the chance of a lifetime by an organization called, "Making Dreams Come True". Your dream vacation must be in North America Mexico, U. This vacation is for a seven day six-night stay vacation. From this amount you get to plan the vacation of your dreams.

Unfortunately, because things are financially tight for you presently, you cannot go over the amount of the cash gift you have received.

You will also share the expenses for your trip in a way that the audience can understand. Your job is to choose your destination, and come up with the most accurate overall costs of the entire trip, including:. Students will research, gather information and explore the different costs associated with planning a vacation. The students will be required to use any resources available to them to plan a vacation to anywhere in the world.

Through this project students will be required to plan every little detail of their trip. Through this project the students will explore the different costs associated with travel as well as plan a trip with a budgeted amount of money. Using their 21 st century multi-media skills the students will make a creative presentation to showcase their dream vacation.

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pbl plan a vacation

Stop-Motion Animation. Kodu Game Lab. Sketch Up. Performing Arts Games. Language Arts Games. Social Studies Games. Memory Games. Puzzle Games. Health Games. Sports Games. Logic Games. Math Games.Learn how to start project-based learning in just 5 days of FREE on demand training! When I was new to project-based learning, I found it difficult to plan. I knew this style of teaching would benefit my students, but starting seemed so difficult.

This post will help you plan project-based learning without having to do hours of research. Not sure what project-based learning is? Start by reading this post first! The hardest part of planning project-based learning is choosing a topic that both aligns to standards and inspires your students.

I even wrote an entire book to share topic ideas with teachers struggling to do this. I also wrote a blog post dedicated to choosing a topic. The best advice I can give you to answer this question is to gather information, then make a final decision based off of these three questions:. Once you have some topic ideas, brainstorm how to include the real-world application of some of the standards you need to teach.

In PBL, there are many ways that students can complete the project correctly.

Plan a Vacation Project | Plan a Road Trip PBL Project Based Learning

The variety allows for choice and free thinking! Even though PBL is driven by the students, you will need to have the structure in place. Think about the following:. For teachers that are used to a very rigid classroom, project-based learning can be very scary.

Be prepared to give your students more freedom, but take time to practice procedures. Check out my blog post on classroom management for more information! Explicitly plan out how you will incorporate each element of PBL into your lesson.

Check out the resources below for standards-based project-based learning. Related Resources. Hi there!

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Let me introduce myself! I'm a full time curriculum designer that's been in and out of the classroom.

Plan A Vacation, A Project Based Learning Activity (PBL)

I've taught 4th, 5th, 6th, middle school, gifted, and reading intervention. I started designing curriculum to provide fun, high-interest activities for students that need a little extra motivation. I've also presented professional development sessions, online and in person! I simplify the planning process and provide resources that drastically cut down on planning time. Project Based Learning.Project based learning is a fantastic way to expose students to real world problems and activities.

It teachers them so much more than academics. You will have your students begging for more! These project based learning ideas for middle school and elementary students are just what you need to get started.

Road trips are filled with memories and fun, adventure and excitement. There are so many amazing math, reading, writing, map reading and problem solving skills involved in a road trip that it is the perfect task for project based learning. This project based learning activity will have your students planning a road trip from start to finish. Students can work independently or in small groups as they work through this PBL project.

Although working in small groups can sometimes be more difficult, it also gives students opportunities to develop communication skills and inter-personal problem solving skills. A great way to introduce this project is to show kids a variety of print or video commercials for vacation destinations.

You can even ask your students to talk about road trips they have taken with their families. Just choose which of the activities your students will complete and provide them with the planning and project pages for those activities. You can do all of the activities or choose the ones that best meet your learning objectives. This resource includes 15 planning activities and 3 final projects — more than enough for a great PBL unit. You can choose to have the students complete one final activity at the end, or weave them into the project so they ultimately complete all three projects.

Students will begin by choosing 4 possible destinations for their road trip. After doing some research on each location they will narrow down their decision to their final destination.

Let your students determine whether they will visit one place, make a loop from start to finish in order to see multiple locations, or whether to travel near or far. For older students a great way to add a new level of complexity to the project is to give them an overall road trip budget.

After students choose their destination, you could add in project 1, Mapping the Route. This would be a great place to have students create a visual map of the road trip complete with labeled states and destinations. Some great geography practice for sure! Choosing the destination is just the start! Students will then work on planning their road trip. In this planning phase they will be working on activities like:. As they plan each of these areas, there is an element of research involved.

Research involves real world reading and students will practice reading for specific information, understanding general concepts and applying what they read. Additionally, students will be using lots of math skills as they work on time, money, multiplication and division and more! Students will be documenting their research and decisions in the project packet which will get them writing too. As you can see there is no academic skill loss in this project!

During this part of the project is the perfect time to assign project 2 — The Destination Brochure. Here students will take their research for one of the locations or attractions and create an advertising brochure.

pbl plan a vacation

But this pretending should be based on what they learned and what they know from previous experiences.What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this fun, high-interest Road Trip Project?

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to plan a trip and persuade others to visit their chosen destination! All of the hard work is done for you. Please note: Students will be required to do some research in order to complete some pages and projects. Research guides are not included with this packet. Third Grade Summer Packet. Fourth Grade Summer Packet. Fifth Grade Summer Packet. I love that feedback! Also, follow me and be notified when new products are uploaded. It pays to follow me!

pbl plan a vacation

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Happy Latinx Heritage Month! Grade Level. Resource Type. Log In Join Us.

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